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Go on a RoadTrip with Winegard!
Custom RV Satellite TV Solutions
The 12? RoadTrip SDI automatic dome satellite TV antennas are known for their reliability, simple one button on/off operation, and sleek look. DVB technology ensures extremely fact and accurate satellite acquisition. The RoadTrip SDI are just 12? high, no taller than a roof-top air conditioning unit, which makes them a great choice for RVs with height restricitons, or for those who want to minimize the appearance of the satellite on top of the RV.
Key Features
Utilizes DVB technology for fast and accurate searches.
The RoadTrip delivers maximum signal reception through a revolutionary antenna design and a superior radome to minimize signal loss.
Two Receiver ready.
32? Diameter, 12 1/2? height, 35 lbs.
Satellite Service Provider Compatibility
DISH Network – all standard and HD programming. Toggles between 110°, 119° and 129°. Starting in 2009, all RoadTrip antennas are equipped with the ability to toggle between 3 DISH Network satellites.
DIRECTV – all standard programming and limited HD programming.
Toggles between 101° and 119°
(will NOT receive HD programming located on 110° or KA-band satellites 99° and 103°).
Bell TV – all standard and HD programming. Toggles between 82° and 91°.